Saturday, August 23, 2008

Driver's License

Thursday I finally got my Victoria driver's license, refer above. We have put it off until this point due to laziness and not wanting to try to figure out how their system works over here. It was actually a rather simple process, however, and I feel kind of silly not doing it before. I just had to make an appointment at Vic Roads (DMV) and go there with something that proves I live here (a bill addressed to me), my California driver's license, an ATM card, and $45. It was easy and there wasn't even a line. You read correctly, no waiting. Plus, the people at the counter spoke English, albeit Australian English, but that is to be expected. It was great compared to the nightmare in CA that I'm used to avoiding at all costs.

The only hiccup was that you need to have had your license in your home country for 3 years to get a normal license here. Which, is fine, I've had mine for 10 (yep, getting up there). However, the only way they can tell how long you've had your license is from the issue date printed at the bottom of your license. I renewed mine in May last year. Therefore, I could not prove that I have had a license for over 3 years in California. Drat. So, they gave me a provisional license (like I'm 15) that actually only restricts me by not allowing me to drive cars with V8 engines and putting a zero tolerance on blood alcohol levels while driving. The only embarrassing thing is that I am supposed to put these little placards in the front a rear windows that have a big P on them for probationary (or perfectly incompetent, or pending adulthood, or possible a danger on the road; whatever you want to say it stands for) which, of course, I refuse to do.

I don't even have a car to drive so it's not really a worry. I just wanted a cool "look, I lived in Australia" souvenir. So, now I have one. All I have to do to get upgraded to a real, normal person, grown-up license is bring in an old license of mine (yes I have all my old ones, and yes I have them here, in Australia - don't ask) and show them that I've been a licensed driver for just short of an eternity. But, they're only open the exact hours that I work, so I'll wait a while before taking an hour and a half off work again to haul myself up to the stupid DMV to finish the deed. Whew! At least I can show a form of identification that doesn't make people say, wait, what? People get so confused at the CA ID for some reason, it's rather funny.


Daddyo said...

So, you have all your old licenses, a? Aren't you supposed to turn in the old one when you get the new one? I never did either. I still have every one I've ever had. Right down to my original driving permit at age 15 1/2, when I didn't even have any facial hair yet. We're such packrats! It's funny that one of the restrictions is the V8 engine. Like you can't do just as much damage with a V6...oi! What is their alcohol tolerence level when you get your "big girl" license? Too bad you didn't know to bring one of your previous licenses with you to that appointment. Now I will have to tell people my daughter is on probation. lol. You took a nice pic on your license and that's not easy to do. Well, congratulations on clearing another hurdle. Does Kane have his license yet? Great to hear Kane is doing good at the new job. You guys are cute. Stay safe, you little probey. I love you. :)

Sean said...

oooooo pretty liscensce. I freaking hate working out too. How did it end up that you and Kane work in the same office again. That is humorous, at least to me. You know if you got your flights 2 months earlier you could have come to the wedding. ohh well. Miss you guys hope you are having a good ole time.

Monique said...

Cute license! I don't have many of my old licenses b/c I gave them to Adele so she could drink underage. Woops...maybe shouldn't broadcast that. Adele, Justin & I were all sitting at a blackjack table in Tahoe and we were nervous b/c Adele and I had the same name & DOB on our licenses, just two different pics. We were lucky that only Justin got carded. Ha!